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We transform world class delivery into local initiative to achieve the best result! We speak possibilty.
Welcome to Streamline Energy

Streamline Energy is a subsidiary of Enterprise Corporate services (ECSCORP RESOURCES ) with its core competence centred around Oil & Gas support services with emphasis on upstream sector. Streamline Energy participates in business activities that are affiliated with its core field which include learning, engineering design, procurement, project management, resource management, telecommunication and global research. All these are done in line with international best practises. We have a passion for excellence, hence we strive to be the best in our field of endeavour.

We optimize the best business process to enhance high performance and promote growth for best practise, in order to encourage a competitive environment within the oil and gas industry.

Our passion for growth has informed the organization employment of experienced professionals and expertise for quality in services and future development plans.

Our Mission
We aim to support long-term economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress in the region we operate, as well as caring and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.
Our Vision
Our vision is to work on behalf of all Africans energy companies and possibly the world's upstream companies to promote value, responsibility, and profitable operations.